The name of Confidence ROWEM is confidence and trust.


Corporate Identity

ROWEM provides safe, easy, and interesting values to users through the next-generation integrated authentication platform.


The shape is embodied in the substitution pad which is a core technology of ROWEM providing simplification values (to the user) by replacing the only one password into various and complicated forms.

- White(#FFFFFF)
Symbolizes to assign simplicity and ease of use to users as a top priority
- Blue (#63ccec)
Symbolizes new future and trust through our technology
- Gray(#7e7e7e)
Symbolizes technology fusion, coexistence with partners, harmony of contrary relations, etc.
- Black(#000000)
Symbolizes the creation of sophisticated new use value based on unique and specialized skills


CI is the official symbol of ROWEM, accordingly any attempt at altering it or any actual use thereof under any circumstances is forbidden. To that end, Cooperate Identity Manual must be downloaded to use the symbol.