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New World, New Way of Logging In - PASSIKEY

PASSIKEY is separately composed of replacement tables depending on the usage. It is a more powerful integrated password input platform.


Convenient and secure integrated
authentication platform PASSIKEY

PASSIKEY is applicable on various online authentication services such as Easy payment,
IoT, Cloud service, and Smart Health care services.
PASSIKEY provides convenient access through API between services,
can be connected to various websites and can also be applied
to Blockchain private keys.

Integrated authentication platform, one step more advanced than existing technology.

<Excellent stability>
- Safe from Phishing and Pharming. Non-leaked password
- Password is safe even if the hash value is leaked on the server
- TLS/SSL section Encryption and E2E end encryption
- 2-factor authentication and 2-channel authentication (OOB-A) to ensure
high security

● TLS : Transport Layer Security    ● SSL : Secure Socket Layer
● E2E : End to End    ● OOB-A : Out of Band Authentication