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Protect the smartphone lock screen with icons

PASSICON is super-safe from “Shoulder Surfing” which is one of Social Engineering Hackings, because you input icons via patented special rules that only can only be recognized by you.

PASSICON can be used not only on Smartphone Lock Screen (for Android OS), but also in various fields requiring authentication

<Door Lock>,<ATM>, <PC Lock>, <Banking App>, <IoT>, and etc.

Detailed description

The safe lock type that will
never be exposed

PASSICON is the new lock type using icons instead of passcode or
pattern which can easily be guessed by others.

Through the patented method, you can keep your unique icons safe
since it seems like you are using different icons every time.

The safe fingerprint lock

To supplement the recognition errors of fingerprint,
you are required to set passcode(password) or pattern.
However, the third party can disable your smartphone lock screen
without your fingerprint if they already know your passcode or pattern.
Furthermore, fingerprint is vulnerable to the third party when you
are defenseless, sleeping for example.

PASSICON allows you to use fingerprint lock without worries, because
PASSICON automatically replaces use of fingerprint with icons during
sleeping hours or any time you wish.

※ PASSICON may not operate on some devices with OS 7.0 or higher