Easy, Safe, and Ubiquitous The services ROWEM offers are straightforward and safe.


Dual-function password that connects the whole world

It’s hard to keep up with each and every website requiring a different password.
Using long and complicated PIN is hard to remember although it ensures security.
It’s such a hassle to change the passwords frequently for security purposes.

Phishing and Pharming schemes will get the better of you in the end.
ROWEM’s PASSIPAD can overcome the downside of the current password system.
All you need to remember is 4-digit number. That’s it!
PASSIPAD will automatically substitute your password into complex password
for different purposes including website logins.
The user uses single 4-digit password, but the real password (encoded) is
unknown to neither the user nor the hackers.
PASSIPAD connects you to every site you select via this single password.
Convenience is the only thing you need to be concerned with,
as PASSIPAD will eliminate security worries for you.


Easy-to-Remember Password

To fend off ever more aggressive infiltrations by hackers,
online services require users to come up with complicated password combinations.
PASSIPAD requires no such combinations, nor any entity entries.
4 digit code is all you need to remember!
Could be the most-preferred choice by many, i.e., your date of birth,
the last 4 digits of your mobile phone number. Anything!
You can use any 4-digits that are easiest for you to remember.
Others may be able to guess what 4 digits you are typing since it can be so simple,
but they will never find out the real password that has been encoded by PASSIPAD.

Bulletproof, Airtight Security

Whatever 4-digit code the user may enter, PASSIPAD replaces that
with a bulletproof, airtight new code created by ROWEM’s patented advanced technology.
Even if the entire population living on the Planet Earth chooses to use
0-0-0-0 as their password, their actual codes used will all be different.
PASSIPAD is the most convenient yet the most powerful
2-channel·2-factor authentication solution!