Easy, Safe, and Ubiquitous The services ROWEM offers are straightforward and safe.

PASSIBOX(Dedicated activation rights owned)

Safe and powerful cloud storage service

Powerful and flexible Cloud service that’s differentiated from
existing services, PASSIBOX


A Secret Storage Where You Are the Key

PASSIBOX is like a secret room where you are the only one who knows how to access.
You are the only key that will open the door,
You are the only one who can control the space.

Easy to Use, Difficult to Breach

PASSIBOX can encrypt files on a per-file basis.
It is a Cloud that only users can manage.

A perfectly hidden space, PASSIBOX is a space that only a user can open, and third parties, including administrators are never able to open it.

<Automatic encryption per file>
PASSIBOX, which automatically encrypts each file and stores files, relieving the anxiety of users regarding hacking.

<Strong security system>
● Anonymity-based system   ● Asymmetric key method
● Automatic encryption per file   ● AES-256 encryption

<Possibile to link with other services>
Flexible system characteristics, Possible to link with OneDrive, Google Drive, and so on