2012, 2021

ROWEM, Signed a memorandum of understanding with Kukkiwon for integrated platform service business


ROWEM announced on the 17th that signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kukkiwon to promote the 'Taekwondo Global DT (Digital Transformation) Platform Business'.

2211, 2021

Authentication·Payment·Cashback all at once…ROWEM’s simple authentication solution, ‘PASSIKEY’


Everyone has imagined at least once in a convenient world where users can log in to websites around the world and make payments easily without language barriers or complicated authentication procedures. Thanks to 'PASSIKEY', a simple authentication solution from ROWEM, an integrated authentication platform company, that dream is expected to become a reality soon.

3006, 2021

ROWEM, Signs MOU with CyrexPay for ‘PASSIKEY Global Payment Integration Project’


ROWEM and CyrexPay signed a strategic MOU for the “PASSIKEY Global Payment Integration Business”. In integrating PASSIKEY and payment solutions, both company will work closely on the basis of core competencies and infrastructure, heralding an upgrade of the PASSIKEY service optimized for the Non-contact era.

2602, 2021

Rowem, SBS Medianet and InVision Woojung Sign Media Commerce Business Agreement to Lead Global K-Pop Fandom Market


A platform for media commerce focusing on high-quality content, built on the expertise of Rowem, SBS Medianet and InVision Woojung, is scheduled to be made accessible through Rowem's StarPass, an app marketed at K-Pop fans around the world, on the 22nd of this month.

2602, 2021

‘The Show’ is expanding global channel coverage.


The Show will hold a vote to select "The Show Choice". Not only domestic fans but also global fans will be able to participate in the ranking vote. Through “STARPASS” APP, Early Voting will be held from February 26th and Live voting will be available on March 2nd.

701, 2021

‘PASSIKEY’ will strengthen connection of 1.7 billion sites through global telecom partnership.


Rowem Co., Ltd., will be hosting a grand launch in February with newly upgraded contents following the beta version of " PASSIKEY "

701, 2021



STARPASS, a global star fandom app with 1.6 million members worldwide, will hold a live voting for ‘SBS INGIGAYO’ beginning at the end of January 2021.

701, 2021

Global authentication hub ‘PASSIKEY’ is expected to secure 2 million users through K-pop and STARPASS


The global voting app 'STARPASS' will hold various voting events in conjunction with music broadcasts at the end of the year.

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