A smartphone lock screen highly protected with icons

With PASSICON’s patented technology, PASSICON is safe from socio-technological hacking method called “Shoulder Surfing.”

In addition to smartphone (Android OS only) lock screens, PASSICON can be used in many different fields that require authentication no matter what hardware and software you use, such as and <banking apps>.


An input method that prevents exposure

PASSICON offers a new kind of lock screen that uses a special input method to unlock, preventing your icons from being exposed.
The user inputs different icons each time they unlock their phone, meaning that even someone looking at your phone over your shoulder would still not know how to unlock it.
Furthermore, user settings allow the use of fingerprint recognition instead of icons.


Stay safe even while you sleep

Once PASSICON’s Sleep Mode activates, fingerprint recognition is automatically disabled.

In Sleep Mode, only icons can be used to unlock, preventing access from others while a user is in a defenseless state in which they cannot control themselves.

* Not supported on certain devices with OS 7.0 or higher.

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